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How can I choose the best ginseng?

There are four primary elements determining the quality of ginseng.


1. Is it matured ginseng?

Don't be fooled by labels. Terms such as "pure", "genuine", "standardized", etc., don't mean anything unless the product has been made from the root of a mature ginseng plant, grown under proper conditions and processed correctly. All ginseng products are made from only four to six year old ginseng roots. Some companies have revolutionized the technology to maintain a strict quality standard and guarantee ingredient quality.

2. How about Germanium?

Every cell and organ of the body is affected when the blood contains impurities. Scientists have found that most organic detoxifiers contains the element GERMANIUM. The higher the amount of Germanium, the quicker the blood return to a healthy state. As the above chart shows, Korean Ginseng contains the highest amount of organically chelated GERMANIUM of all the organic detoxifers.

Korean Ginseng - Highest amount of Germanium

3. How about Saponin distribution?

Ginseng Saponin Contex