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Scientifically Documented Effects of Panax Ginseng

Many ginseng brands look temptingly similar in their packaging to genuine GINSENG, yet there is no comparison. They contain totally unwanted ingredients such as sugar, various other cheaper herbs, even caffeine and alcohol. Ginseng roots are harvested only when they are mature and the process used to extract all of the active ingredients in a low heat process patented by the company. No wonder the Korean government gives ginseng its highest rating. Take a look at the chart below what scientific research has discovered about ginseng's effectiveness in dealing with many physical ailments.


  Description Results of Research
1. Effects on liver function and diseases thereof
  • Injured liver recovery.
  • Metabolism of cholesterol in liver is promoted.
  • Promotes hepatitis recovery.
  • Promotes liver recovery.
2. Effects on fatigue
  • Chronic fatigue is overcome by ginseng use.
  • Effects on fatigue are clinically proven.
3. Effects on hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
  • Increased levels of cholesterol can be controlled.
  • Arteriosclerosis is preventable.
  • Blood pressure is normalized.
4. Effects on stress
  • Clinical studies prove stress reduction.
  • Various kinds of stress can be prevented.
5. Effects on central nervous system
  • Suppression of central nervous system disorders.
6. Effects on circulatory function
  • Stimulates heart functions
  • Positive effects on circulatory diseases were proven in clinical tests.
7. Effects on diabetes
  • Blood Sugar contents were regulated.
  • Clinical efficacies for diabetes were confirmed.
8. Anti-carcinogenic effects
  • Cancerous cell growths were controlled
  • Clinical effects on cancer cases were tested.
  • Cancer suppression was demonstrated in tests.
9. Effects on anemia
  • Clinical effectiveness on anemia was proven
  • Red blood cell count increased.
  • Anemia patients recovered.
10. Immunity and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Tolerance against infectious bacteria was strengthened.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects were found.
11. Effects on sexual energy and infertility
  • Clinical effects on the reversal of infertility in men was demonstrated.
  • Patients of laparotomy cured.
12. Gastric and other disease
  • Liver diseases caused by alcohol were proved to be relieved.
13. Effects on cancer
  • Anticancer action were found
14. Effects on skin
  • Increased moisturizing of skin
  • Emollient action of skin

Todays DIOXIN, a deadly chemical, is unavoidable fear and nobody can be free from the threat of this environmental disaster.


Fortunately, according to an experimental study on "Panax Ginseng to protect the testis against 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin inducing testicular damage in guinea pigs"(reported by Mr. W. Kim, Mr. S. Hwang, Mr. H. Lee, Mr. H. Song and Mr. S. Kim of Dept. of Urology & Pathology of College of Medicine, Chungbuk National University and Korea Ginseng Research Institute, in British Journal of Urology vol. 1), 90 guinea pigs of six groups (group 1 which received vehicle and salin, group 2 which received TCDD, one of strongest toxicoids of Dioxin, group 3, 4 which received Panax Ginseng extract solution PG-WE before TCDD injection and group 5, 6 which received PG-WE after TCDD treatment), had been experimented and the results appeared positively as the follows;

Gain of body weight was less in groups treated with TCDD than in controls. Moreover, the body weight of group 2 decreased from 14 days after TCDD exposure while that of groups 3 and 4 increased. There was no decrease of body weight in groups 3-6. The decrease of testicular weight caused by TCDD was prevented by PG-WE. Light microscopy showed smaller tubules and late maturation arrest in group 2; election microscopy showed dissolution of the germinal epithelium, disrupted tight junctions between adjacent Sertoli cells,and altered germ cells at all developmental stages. The maturation arrest in germ cells caused by TCDD was ameliorated in groups 3-6. The testes almost completely recovered in group 3,4 and there was some therapeutic effect of PG-WE in groups 5,6.

Conclusions : These results confirm the protective and therapeutic effects of Panax ginseng on atrophy and testicular damage induced by TCDD, providing evidence that Korean Ginseng(Panax Ginseng) might be a useful agent in preventing and treating testicular damage induced by environmental pollutants.